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Each year, Kiverco invests time, energy and money supporting our country’s universities and colleges. We run live projects, make presentations, offer mentoring and organise site visits to our home in Dungannon for Northern Ireland’s brightest and best emerging designers and engineers.

Kiverco Education

Industrial Placements at Kiverco

Fully paid Industrial Placements are ever-present at Kiverco. We welcome at least three Industrial Placements each year. Many such Kiverco team members come from Ulster University and South West College, studying Building Studies, Mechanical Engineering, Marketing and more.

Industrial Placement experience bridges the deepy theoretical with the exhilaratingly practical. And a seamless transition from Industrial Placement to Full Time Permanent Kiverco Team Member is very common.

Research Placements

Research Placements are very often in discussion at Kiverco. Kiverco is always looking to welcome a range of students on engaging, project-focussed insight gathering assignments. Such projects are increasingly important to us because of our unerring focus on learning how well our ‘World’s Toughest’ plant performs in the areas of continual uptime, sustained levels of purity output, and useful life.


Kiverco deliver presentations to educational institutions all around the world.

In 2021, Kiverco presented to students in South America, via Zoom, to The University of Chile Civil Engineering Faculty. And more locally, also in 2021, two senior Kiverco team members presented to St. Patrick’s College Dungannon because of an increasingly powerful connection with the College’s STEM Coordinator. Kiverco’s links with Ulster University get ever-stronger too, with presentations to Engineering undergraduates being organised and timetabled continually.


There are always numerous apprentices learning how the Kiverco core team creates The World’s Toughest Recycling Plant. Many arrive at Kiverco from South West Regional College to work and study at the same time – earning whilst learning.

Kiverco Education
Kiverco Education

Judging and Mentorship

Kiverco Marketing Department team members have been invited by Ulster University to sit on panels and judging committees. This is to offer feedback and support for undergraduate Engineering or Marketing projects and assignments. Kiverco continues to offer this kind of support for Colleges and Universities, from across our business.

Supporting Local Educators

Kiverco Senior Management supports a local primary school financially each year. This helps the school develop their facilities to enhance the overall educational experience for children as young as 5 years old.

And whenever Kiverco invests in training such as health and safety, fire, dignity, interviewing, defibrillator and first aid, we only ever use local individuals and companies to show our ongoing support of educators from the region.

From Education to Employment

Kiverco is a great place to work. There’s a warmth and a sense of belonging that only a truly bonded team can create. If you want to live and work in a world where Recycling Plant recovers much more, for much longer, you are welcome to introduce yourself, as an impressive undergraduate or recent graduate, to our world-class team. Kiverco is always looking for exceptional team members.

If you are interested in joining our world-class team please send a stand-out covering email, current (tailored) CV, what type of role you would be interested in, why you would be perfect for Kiverco plus any relevant links, to Paul Carolan, General Manager at

To manage your expectations, if we don’t get back to your speculative approach that’s not unusual. We do however promise to keep you on file.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kiverco Education
Kiverco Education

Education Links

Kiverco has, and is looking to further strengthen, educational links with at least the following institutions.

Ulster University
Queens University Belfast
The Open University
South West College
Belfast Academy of Marketing
St Patrick’s College
Integrated College Dungannon
The Royal School
St Patrick’s Academy
St Joseph’s Grammar Donnaghmore