Customer care

When you decide to purchase Kiverco Recycling Plant, it’s not the end of our relationship. It’s the beginning.

Kiverco Aftercare

Investing in Kiverco Recycling Plant is the beginning of More Uptime, Higher Sustained Purity and ownership of plant that really does have a Longer Useful Life. And it’s the beginning of World Class post-investment Customer Care, too.

From the moment we meet you, we look after you. But it’s important to stress how our World Class Customer Care keeps on going even after you’ve invested in Kiverco. This is because, as a brand, we remain focussed on three things at all times:

1. Your business improvement. Let’s make sure we’re making a real difference – to you.
2. Kiverco’s own measurable delivery promises. Our promises are as important to us as they are to you. So we continually test the accuracy and credibility of what we say.
3. Big picture impact. We try, as best we can, to assess how our commitment to creating the world’s toughest recycling plant impacts wider global sustainability measures.

You see, Kiverco’s ongoing World Class Customer Care is not just for you.

It’s for everyone.

Kiverco Aftercare