When you decide to purchase Kiverco Recycling Plant, it’s not the end of our relationship. It’s the beginning.

Kiverco aftercare

We’ll tell you about Kiverco Aftercare in a moment. But let’s start with you.

Predictable Profitability.

Kiverco promises you Predictable Profitability. (Profitability is good. But Predictable Profitability is better). And the best way for you to get Predictable Profitability is from Recycling Plant that delivers More Uptime, Higher Levels of Sustained Purity, and that has a Longer Useful Life.

There’s only one kind of Recycling Plant that can deliver on all those promises. The World’s Toughest.

Kiverco. The World’s Toughest Recycling Plant.

We’ve engineered ‘The World’s Toughest’ for 30 years. And Kiverco’s Aftercare Team picks up where the designers and the engineers leave off. Here are the Four Areas of Focus that explain how Predictable Profitability is achieved.

Kiverco Aftercare. The Four Areas of Focus – Overview.

1. Double-Handed Handovers.

2. Peace of Mind at Point of Sale.

3. Plant Performance Optimisation.

4. Maximising Uptime.

Kiverco Aftercare

Kiverco Aftercare. The Four Areas of Focus – Detail.

Your Pre-sales Account Manager and your Aftercare Account Manager double-hand your working relationship with Kiverco for the first 8 weeks after you commit.

We don’t just make big promises before you choose us. There’s a determination to deliver on them once you do.

2.1. Absolute Clarity Around What Has Actually Been Purchased.
Your Customer Pack is a personal, detailed, clear itinerary of all your products and services. Handbooks, forms, manuals and more.

2.2. Warranties & Guarantees.
This is your tailored, ongoing peace of mind protection. Includes scheduled site checks and maintenance.

2.3. A Focus on Consolidation.
This ‘note to self’ is a further determination to prove to you, on an ongoing basis, that you bought best. Your relationship with Kiverco is way beyond transactional. We stick around to look after you.

kiverco aftercare

3.1. Kiverco PMH (Performance Monitoring Hardware).
Real world, real-time/anytime on-plant Performance Monitoring Hardware (PMH) System and Support Packages. The more we understand about performance, the better we can optimise.

3.2. Maintenance Scheduling.
This is the primary way that we help you to maximise the useful life of your own plant. A little, regular time investment from you means huge financial savings in the long run.

3.3. Kiverco Enhance.
Once you’re up and running, we can work with you to see if we can make the ‘best’ – even ‘better’. A great example is reviewing how well the plant performs against measurable expectations in the areas of sustained purity.

4.1. Consumables.
We’ll aim to develop a perfect balance between your stock levels, and our support levels. That way, we will be able to match your exact and immediate consumable needs. Because you’ll have consumables exactly when you need them – if not before. The result? Amazing levels of uptime.

4.2. Kiverco Response.
Even the impossible to predict is catered for with ‘Kiverco Response’ repair service and parts support. You’re never on your own.

Kiverco Aftercare – Big Picture Impact.

The final point we’d like to make about Kiverco Aftercare nods to our sustainability credentials.

You see, we’re not just committed to helping you achieve More Uptime, Higher Sustained Purity and a Longer Useful Plant Life – for you.

As designers and makers of The World’s Toughest Recycling Plant, we look at wider global sustainability measures too. Because when the Recycling Plant we create is up and working it’s good for you – and the planet.

Because it means fewer repairs and warranty claims. So fewer environmentally damaging repair cycles, consumables and vehicle journeys.

Kiverco Aftercare is not just for our customers – it’s for everyone.